Saturday, February 6, 2010


Mecki Mark Men were Swedens first Psychedelia band and this debut album from 1967 is so psychedelic and wasted that even the hardcore of both US and German Psych bands would be green with envy. The base is jazzy avantgarde like rock with wasted out there vocals and psyched out structures combined with sitar drone. This is not garagey jingle jangle pop psych of 1967 but hardcore acid psychedelia that became more the norm in the late 60's and early 70's than in 1967. This debut album is a cornerstone of Swedish underground psychedelia. Both Mecki Bodemark (Vocals & organ) and Thomas Mera Gartz (drums, still active with Träd Gräs och Stenar) are among the founding fathers of Swedish psychelia. Enjoy this vinyl rip of Swedish Psych history. This blog will focus on underground psychelia which is both good and original.

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(The depositfiles link works July /2013)


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  2. Just got my vinyl copy of this, was working on a rip myself :) Is there a differnce in the mix on the US pressing?

    this is one of the top 5 swedish albums for me regardless of musical genre..

    DRUMS :) :)


  3. I heard this the first time in Subliminal Sounds shop and I have never looked back. Cult SWE Psych. This IS Psychedelia like it was meant to be.

    I don't know about musical differences betwen the pressing. Seen and heard both.

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