Monday, August 16, 2010

Torbjörn Abelli of Träd Gräs Och Stenar has deceased..

I want to tell you that Swedish psychedelic/minimalsit Bass legend Torbjörn Abelli has died . May his good psychedelia and warm heartedness not be forgotten. A true real people dude who never compromised when it came to playing psychedelia. He was fortunete to have success late in his career and played some of the best and deeepest psychedelia ever witnessed on this earth. I was fortunete to see TGS live several times and experienced their psychedelic magic in person. Torbjörn you will live on in the hearts of fans of real psychedelia. To see you again one day.


  1. Saw them two times in NYC and Torbjorn was always full of joy, and ease in his playing.....very beautiful to see TGS and feel their waves and dirges. Psychedelic music is a kind of reach into paradise, may their music keep soaring beyond!

  2. TGS was a experience Live and all members are (were)nice down to earth folks