Saturday, August 28, 2010

Träd Gräs & Stenar - Live Kafe 44 Stockholm 13/5-2000

Here is a live tape by TGS from one of their Stockholm gigs at punk venue Kafe 44. The sound is quite good but for my taste Bo Anders leads are a bit low in the mix, but that doesn't affect the music. Here you have a chance to hear and experience the TGS live experience with both generic rockers and unworldly uber Psych trips rarely heard or witnessed since the heady late 60's and early 70's. The opening jam, the 15 min version of "Sommarlåten" (Summer song) and Persson sound song "Till Indien" will blow ya socks off. I want to dedicate this post to the living memory of Torbjörn Abelli and I want to give my heart felt condolences to his family. Please share this super rare live tape with everyone who might/can appreciate it. Now psych out........



  1. These lives tapes are ultra rare so I hope you appreciate them.

  2. Hi.
    I recorded this gig with a crappy mic and a Sony MD recorder but sounds pretty good I think. Guess this post originates from that recording, as it was quite well-spread among traders back then. Let me know if you need a "lossless" version (the old MD standard isn't completely lossless though).