Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bo Hansson - Sagan om Ringen 1970 (SWE)

Welcome to another post with great Swedish underground psychedelia. This time you get the first solo album of Hansson & Karlsson organ player Bo Hansson. H&K was an pioneering SWE Psych duo that started playing 1967, together on a small but very psychedelic scene, with other SWE legends like Mecki Mark Men, Pärsson Sound/International Harvestor. This album is often (and wrongly?) labeled as progressive rock. To my seasoned ears it's more a dark atmospheric Psychedelia album than a mere prog album. What impresses me the most on this album is Bo's way totally outthere psychedelic guitar work.. We're talking uber psych the vein of Bo Anders Persson or SF's best! yet it still has that distintive SWE vibe and style. Enjoy this cult psych album and don't be shy to comment what you think of it. Peace!

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