Friday, March 11, 2011

Festen på Gärdet 1970 (SWE)

Summer of 1970 saw in Stockholm Sweden, a happening and event that defined the SWE Psych & Hippie scene. This underground free festival featured SWE's hippie/psych musik undergound with legends like Träd Gräs & Stenar (organizers of the event aswell), Handgjort, Fläsket Brinner, Charlie & Esdor. This is a Lo fi document of the SWE psych underground, with that classic SWE real people vibe that can't be beaten. Enjoy this 2 Lp rip and live the dream....
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  1. Que buen festival, gracias por expandirnos la cultura y difundir esta música que es poco conocida por estos lares. Saludos!!

  2. So glad I found your blog...I love the music of The Movement. That said, is there any chance that the impossibly rare Carsten Regild LP might get posted here?

    Thank you for the great music!

  3. is there any way you could please reupload this? id love to hear it

  4. Please reupload!