Saturday, August 4, 2012


Here you have closest thing to a Centralstödet album. This Swedish westcoast based longjam psychedelia band plays a great original psychedelic music, but somehow just can't get their asses signed.. I have put together 5 of their best and most psychedelic songs on this album. I hope a label takes note and gives them a posiblity to release their music to a wider audience. If you like underground long jam psychedelia such as Träd Gräs & Stenar, early Fläsket Brinner you will like this uber psych trip. Fasten your belts n take off to psychedelia land... Support this band spread this to all and any worthwhile label. Enjoy the music.. Peace out.

Get their album from Skylatern records!!


  1. very cool sound thanks for the download

  2. Your welcome, spread to all ya friends!

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  4. Get their album from Skylatern records