Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lightdreams - Islands In Space (1981)

The Lama of Acid archives recomended this album and what he said intriged me to take a listen.. Well the cover has a chessey New Age space prog vibe going on  BUT... This is solid dreamy US style acid folk on a psych trip with spacey ambitions... Yes thats a huge difference. If you take a dreamy out there US acid folkie, who has gone a bit too far for his own good (not a bad thing in itself..) and combine that with 70's psych rock and wild hardrock fuzz leads a' la Bob Smith.. but included with all matter of spacey like effects  ( but never really leaving psychedelia). This album has all the makings of a collector monster when it gets it's well overdue attencion.. Amigos spread this on ya blogs hint hint. Have a stellar psychdelic trip with this underground gem. Yes Paul Marcano is the mastermind behind this goodie. Bless him.